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comment to Catluv:--Congratulations My Kitty girl, you did it sweetie, all those years of hanging in there and making docs listen to you and years of never giving up. I am so increibly proud of you my sweet.If anyone deserves this diagnosis you do, in fact you relly did a long time ago but now a real live specialist has given you a very hard to read diagnosis and now they can start to get you going down the right road to possibly getting better but at least not getting worse. I have never met anyone tht has researched their illness like you have in fact I think you deserve a PHD in your disease alone. Well...whats the next step honey, doing all the blood work and hopefully getting you on the right meds to start with. You have been such an example to me and made me proud to be a woman and even through the times we''ve had to hold each other up, you were always there, now I hope I can do the same for you and be here for you through every step of the way. love you to the moon dear your mamashe
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Hi CATLUV, You haven't posted in a while. Is everything ok? Take Care, Anomaly
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Hi Bre, I'm hoping that you are feeling better and being treated better. You have such a big heart and it seems it gets taken advantage of a lot. Our earth (and people) need more sensitive souls as yours. For both are ill and in need of healing energy with care. I went to a 'blessing ceremony' with my daughter several weeks ago. When I was there I thought of you and asked for the healing to include you. I did feel that it helped. We are going to attend another one this in March. Sometimes we just need to do the things that help us. You have so much talent Cat, that I truly believe you could make anything happen if you set your sights on it. For myself, I have decided to put 'blinders' on and just deal with the necessary things and with extra time I have I will start healing myself from within. I will ask our guides to aid me in my direction while trying to find answers to my daily challenges. I am going to start with cleansing my home. Then I think I will move right along and cleanse my 'Pages' here (I am truly serious, but laughing out loud too!) And ask that only positive problems pass through my web sites! (lol) Yes, I do believe problems can be positive experiences! Isn't it all how each of us handles problem solving? I too majored in Psychology and Art! (Double Major) I had intended on being an Art Therapist! You would be So good at being an A.T.!
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cat, not sure how i found this site but noticed your profile. i cant really say i have it bad now but there was a time for me that i couldnt see even a day ahead. neck cancer in a serious way, total hard hit. diagnosed late and not much of a chance. straight Dr talk was like "we cant tell you anything for sure" or "lets see how it goes" left me hangin w/o an answer. friends and family shyed away and i was really alone. long story short im good now but really look at life differently now. i have my own $$ challenges but feel great when i can help out in other ways. wanna chat? or write? i can only offer a little bit here but sometimes i could use a friendly ear myself
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 in response to CATLUV...   be glad to help hi im nick email me
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Thank you!!! He is pretty cute, isn't he?!? My furry baby! :)
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I have three additional webpages on

The Many Faces of Health & Illness: Advocating for Health

Spondylolisthesis Grade 5: My Personal Journey with a Serious Spine Condition 

3 Cat Tales: The Escapades of my Three Felines (Fun short stories & Artwork)

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To Brenna, My Best Friend I'm not sure when it happened But I'm very glad it did You came into my life when I really needed a friend The more I get to know you The more I know myself And this is why I'm thankful For you are just yourself You and I are different And in many ways the same Your good ear, compassionate heart Will always find you fame I promise to always be here Forever and to the end You are the true definition of My Very Best Friend! I love You
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Hello my dear sweet friend, I have missed you so very much. Aidpage just isn't the same without your words of love and encouragement. I miss your funny stories about the loves of your life (kittys)but most of all I just miss the essance of you and your spirit.I know the battle your waging against the diseases that comsume you at times and I send to you all the most positive healing thoughts everyday. I love the pictures of your babies and John with the super funny hats on and where in the world did you get those hats, their adorable and I want you to know young lady that the picture of you is strikingly beautiful so don't be so hard on yourself. I wanted to comment on that drawing you made of the kitty and I can't believe you only got a c on it. What in the world did an A project look like, your work is an A in my book sweetie. If you feel like it, drop me a post as I have many things to discuss with you. Just know that you will always have a friend and avid fan here on aidpage no matter how bad things get for you. Just remember "This to shall pass" love and hugs my friend. sheshe030

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All Dots, Pen & Ink drawing of my mother's cat Kitty Car Lyle ... I did this when I was 17 at community college & received a C. :( I still think it deserved a better grade!!!

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Hey i just wanted to say that i think you are a happy person and what better gift to give us all than to share your happiness with us. Thank you i like it!

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I can tell you a little about disability. The judge will decide based on what you have in front of him weather you are entiled to more than the min. then they will give the money to you 2000 at a time till you prove that you are in need. get every record that you can get from the begining of your sickness not just back to the filling date to prove, that there was a history. Go back 10 years if you can or need to. hope that this helps.

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 in response to bipolar and lost...   

Reply to Bipolar and Lost:---Dirtdog, I just read about your super digger dog, I have never heard of that breed and how fantastic is it that he can make such intricate dwellings by just digging in the dirt. I'm a huge dog lover and have 2 pugs which rule my life and I wouldn't have it any other way. UNfortunetly my Oliver and Ruby are quite old for pugs and both suffer from horrible arthritis and hip dysplaysia and I have both of them on daily meds for their pain, thank god my vet just gives me the meds so they stay comfortable. I know that If they get to bad I will have to put them down but so far so good and I carry them as much as I can but mostly they just sit by me always in contact with some part of my body, like resting their chins on my leg or a paw on my arm, anything that assures them that I'm still sitting with them. You are very lucky to live in a place that you can let your dog dig so much but if he couldn't dig he would be a very unbalanced dog because that is what he's supposed to do and dogs have got to find ways to release that bred in energy and your baby is so happy to have you so he can do what he supposed to. My pugs are my guards, they will bark at anything that threatens their territory,(ME) other than that they are very well behaved. Sorry to go on so much about dogs but that picture of your dog just touched my heart and thankyou so much for sharing him with us. sincerely sheshe030

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 in response to CATLUV...   

Hi ya CAT

Oh my I have spents hours writing a post adding pictures etc. just hours an hit post an as you say poof! its gone SCREAMING   AUGH ! As my favorite character Charli Brown always did its gone AUGH !     Then trying to actually re think the post an as alway's it doesn't come out quite the same or I just give up and i cant copy what i am about to post here so . i have found it easier to write an e mail n send it to myself and then copy it . which also my e mail program tells me when i miss spell something . Just like this morning I have been trying to get the Aidpage up completely and it just wouldn't do it . trying at least ten times it wouldnt come up correctly "pictures missing " the Aidpage icon in the left corner gone just a box with an x in it . tabs wouldn't work an trying to go to my messages A constant redirect to a search page . which my page is bipolar an lost so i redirected to bipolar categories of search . i hit your name a was redirected to categories of cats search returns more AUGH ! Lately it has be doing it more n more ofter replying server error error error geeez AUGH !   Isn't it something "total whacked" really ...... Heres my happy little doggy ... BoBoo's   the original dirtdog in which his skill is in digging holes 3 to 5 ft deep even under the house or sidewalk . his favorite pass time besides eating .  He is a Skipperkey . English boat dog . but in the wild they dig dens like a fox will with multiple inlets an exits . quite extravagant digging operation . very elaborate the hole will go at an angle down 3 to 5 ft an up a few ft into a den so to speak an usual another exit entrance in the other direction. I have just let him at it in the past many times an it seems a non stop decorating effort but as I found out it is an inbreed thing an the more elaborate effect the better chance of attracting the appropriate mate . so his digging skill are constantly being refined . The funnyest thing is in the house he will jump in the bath tub an go at it trying to dig a hole in the porcelain . I think he's totally bonkers after scratching at it for a few hours he then will plop down in the cool porcelain tub an pass out for hours . I have had him for 9 years now from rescuing him from the shelter . It seemed the lady that had him could keep up or i guess deal with his gardening issues an he was dropped off sad really but to my benefit a thousand dollar pure breed for 50 buck quite a steal . I guess ... Although he has destroyed his value in plants and lawn issues geeez what a dog ! but I love him n he keeps me company .... I have had cats before and quite a few really but thats a full story in itself at another time .  hope ya have a great day . Cheers dirtdog  Oh heres a cat picture for ya !

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What did the message entail? I don't see any message other than this one I am responding to, which states that you sent a message and the computer was being problematic...I will look in the other section too. But, I am guessing that it didn't post. Hope that you didn't write a bunch, I hate it when I spend a lot of time and energy writing, then poof, the magical computer gods take it away. Talk soon, hope that your weekend is going well. Okay, not intentionally typing in larger font, now my computer is tripping out! Love to hear feedback from other writers, it is so helpful and provides insight, as well as inspiration. Best to you, Brenna

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Comment to Catluv:--hello kitty lady, I hope your hooked into aidpage right now because a person just posted a long list of anything and everything you could ever want for a cat. Cat beds, cat furniture,cat this and cat that. I thought you sshould check this out. The site is   ap517  have fun my friend. sheshe030

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For ALL of my friends on Aidpage that are dealing with ANY CHRONIC HEALTH condition:

A few years back my mom came across a copy of a document called "The Spoon Theory." She thought it was a wonderful way to explain to others (mainly those whom do not, or have not, dealt with a chronic illness/condition), how it feels to deal with a chronic health condition.

If you suffer with such an ailment on a daily basis, you know how difficult it is to function, as well as "make it," through the day.  This document was written by a woman named Christine Miserandino, whom was dealing with cancer. Many chronic sufferers find it difficult to fully explain the tremendous affect that illness has on our lives. The author, Christine Miserandino, found a way to best explain her struggles through the metaphor that she titled "The Spoon Theory." In my opinion, it is a wonderful description, and a highly recommended read for anyone whom personally deals with chronic illness, or for anyone that has a loved one that is struggling with any chronic health condition. 

Please check it out via the link provided above.  Many Blessings, Brenna ~ CATLUV

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MY MAMA, MY MAMA, MY MAMA! She is one of the greatest loves in & of my life. She gives me strength, unconditional love, hope, understanding, and my ability to continue on ... without losing it. Now, if only I could get back down to that weight ... and just to think, at that time, I had gained weight & was undone about my ever increasing body ... oh, perspective! One day, one day some doctor or someone smarter, will figure out what in the world is wrong with my hormones, and, well, body in general! I can only hope! 
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LISTED BELOW ARE GROUPS THAT I HAVE STARTED. PLEASE CHECK ANY OR ALL OF THEM OUT AND ADD YOUR THOUGHTS, COMMENTS, AND STORIES! All of these blogs are subjects that are personally important to me and my journey. I am always adding information, personal stories, notes, and new perspective to each post. Contribute your personal knowledge, add your own stories, struggles, and experiences, comment and ask questions. Thank you for taking a peek!

*Betrayal's Journey to Forgiveness

*5 Positive Things 4 Today

*Legal and Medical Malpractice

*Finding Celebrities to Donate Their Swag Bags

*Spondylolisthesis Grade 5 - Spinal/Back Conditions and    Abnormalities -  Chronic Pain & Disability

*AutoImmune Misdiagnosis - Labeling AutoImmune Diseases  -  How Does it  Affect You Life? - Chronic Illnesses That Affect  Daily  Function/Survival

 *Grants - What is Really Available & Attainable to Assist  During  Financial  Struggle, Disability, Housing/Renting,  Medical Bills,  Education, Small  Business Plans, Basic Needs 

 *For The Luv of Cats - A fun page to lift you up, brighten your  day  and give  you reason to PURRRRR. Blog is for cat  stories, inspiration,  how cats can be  your therapy, cat  astrology, cat facts, and anything  that anyone would like  to  add about their cats or cats in  general....and  hey, maybe  even a dog or  two!!!!!

 *High Prescription Prices - Information on searches for  affordable  prescriptions, help  rom PAP's, my research  detailing  which programs are  "good" and those which may  be "too good to be  true." My experiences with  medication  costs. Please make posts  sharing your experiences, stories,    information, links, questions/help,  comments, anything  related to  prescriptions and health care...We  need to find  ways to work together and  make things better, more    accessible, and less expensive. Those of us  whom are dealing  with  chronic ailments are already struggling, the last  thing  we need is to  help "pad the pockets" of companies that  already have  so much  money that they don't even know what to do with! 

"Oliver & Miss Molly"

"Mr. Gus Gus - The Maine Coon"

"Molly & Lewis"

"Queen Molly - Boss of the house. Black Asian Torti"

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